Pigeons at Starbucks with no bird proofing


Pest Control Services

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Pest Control Services

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Bird Proofing


Pigeons, Gulls and Small Birds can spread diseases such as Ornithosis and Salmonella as well as damaging buildings and property with their droppings and fouling of the surrounding area, which can become slippery and hazardous. A build-up of the mess left by birds can cause secondary insect infestations. Attacks on people can occur during their breeding season, when protecting their nesting sites and young or when competing for food.


The law regarding bird control is something that should always be considered, as some pest species can by protected.

We will give you a site survey and suggest the best way of removing and/or excluding further infestations.



Another valuable service we offer is the maintenance and repair of existing bird proofing, if the proofing is missing (as in this picture) or covered in rubbish, it will not keep the birds away.

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