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German Cockroach


The reason that German Cockroaches are such successful breeders is that they carry the egg case (Ootheca) until one or two days before hatching.  Each egg case produces between thirty and forty eggs and they can produce up to eight cases a year. Development time from egg to adult varies between fifty-four and two hundred and fifteen days depending upon the environment.


German Cockroaches are found throughout structures, but have a preference for warm and humid places. For young adults (nymphs) they need a crack of just 1mm, whilst the adult's need only 5mm. German Cockroaches feed on almost anything, including all kinds of food and such things as soap, glue and toothpaste. Because of the way they spend their time in the harbourage about thirty per cent of the young nymphs will not be seen during an inspection.


Oriental Cockroach


Not such a prolific breeder as the German Cockroach, the female Oriental Cockroach usually deposits her egg case within about thirty hours after it is formed. It is either dropped, or glued to something, in a warm protected area close to a food source. Development time is dependent upon average room temperature, but generally it takes a male five hundred and seventy five days and a female six hundred days.


In many areas the Oriental Cockroach can survive quite well outside, but will live mostly inside. Oriental Cockroaches feed on all types of food and decaying organic matter.


We could give a list of reasons as to why you would need to control cockroaches, but explanation really shouldn't be necessary.



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