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Pest Control Services

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This species is well known throughout Europe, and is widely distributed in the United Kingdom. Its primary habitat is outdoors, where it scavenges on both live and dead animal and plant material. It tends to move indoors in search of protection from the colder weather of autumn and may then come in contact with man.


Chemical control of earwigs is not necessary in the majority of cases. However if you remove nearby vegetation and proofing of access points dose not on its own provide an answer to this problem, then a residual spray or dust will remove this problem.




It appears that the common name stems from the Old English wicga (insect) and ēare (ear). And the “ear connection” comes from the old wives tale that this insect used to burrow into the human brain to lay eggs by crawling inside the ear canal. Not true! But having had one in my ear as a child, its pretty off putting



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