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Pest Control Services

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There are around 2500 different species of flea described worldwide  with another 500 awaiting classification, the predominant flea we find in the UK is the Cat Flea, who is responsible for around 70% of all flea complaints.


Flea's vary from being light brown in colour to nearly black, although most encountered are reddish brown, they are flattened from side to side which allows them to move through hair and fur easily. They have well developed muscles in the hind legs which enables them to jump.


The life cycle of the flea starts with the female laying several hundred eggs throughout her life span, these hatch into larvae about 1.5 mm long, after 2-3 weeks they have grown to a length of 5 mm at this stage they spin silken cocoons that they pupate in. The cocoon turns brown as they mature the adult flea inside is capable of laying dormant for 8 months until stimulated to emerge for food, the whole process can take as little as a month during warmer weather.


Fleas can become a problem anywhere, although commonly brought into the home on pets, they can also live in bird nests in the roofs of buildings.


The flea control offered by use is for when the flea is not living on the host, (it is advised you use a suitable flea treatment for your pet as recommended by your vet). The correct flea control can only be decided once the level of infestation has been decided, so call us as soon as you notice a problem and don't hover until we advise you to, we will also give you instructions to follow as to how to prepare your home before treatment.



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