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The Flies are found wherever suitable breeding conditions exist, usually rotting, fermenting or at least moist organic matter, preferably of a high protein content.

Sites such as poultry houses and piggeries often present the House Fly with almost perfect breeding conditions throughout the year. Outside, for example on refuse tips, significant breeding is usually restricted to the 7 or B months of spring through to autumn. The adult flies feed on a whole range of liquid food that they can suck up with their sponge-tipped proboscis. Alternatively they may eject saliva onto a solid food material which, when dissolved, can be sucked back up. This process results in drops of vomit being left during feeding and also darker specks, which are an indication of the fly's almost continuous defecation


Flies are known to transmit enteritic diseases, intestinal parasitic worms, and are implicated in the spread of typhoid and cholera. They form an unwelcome intrusion into the domestic scene and are indiscriminate in the types of food material on which they settle and feed.


Larger, and sometimes vast, numbers of flies develop in certain protected environments such as intensive animal housing and on refuse and rubbish tips. In housed livestock units their presence can be extremely upsetting for the animals themselves and may create major staffing problems by producing repulsive working conditions. The vomit and faecal marks referred to above are of great significance in the egg industry, such "fly-spotting" causing major quality control problems for egg producers. Large breeding populations in animal units and on refuse tips, frequently overspill and infest nearby housing, offices and restaurants.


Fly species include Common and Lesser House Fly, Stable Fly (mainly rural, blood sucking), Blowflies (Blue Bottle, Green Bottle and Flesh Fly) and Fruit Flies (much smaller and likes fruit based produce can be a problem in Bars and Kitchens).



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