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Pest Control Services

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The Mole is abundant throughout mainland Britain. It is found wherever there are suitable soils for tunnelling. It is most abundant in permanent grassland and deciduous woodland but can be found in playing fields, parks, cemeteries, golf courses and private gardens.


The most obvious sign of the presence of Moles is the appearance of molehills on the surface of the ground. These consist of heaps of loose soil, of varying volume.


The most important type of damage is probably in agriculture, where the inclusion of soil from molehills in grass silage can result in spoilt unpalatable silage and is a possible source of the disease Listeriosis in sheep fed on silage.


Molehills may also be unsightly on amenity and sporting grassland and result in unevenness of the surface and deterioration of the sward by providing a seed bed for weeds. They are particularly unwelcome on the expensive turf of golf greens and bowling greens. Molehills can also cause damage to mowing machinery by throwing up stones. Damage can occur in arable crops and gardens when moles burrow under seedlings and plants resulting in wilting and death.


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