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Pest Control Services

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This is a species found worldwide and often in association with man. They are common throughout the UK, foraging at night in bathrooms, kitchens and pantries where they may become trapped in sinks, baths, glass and china ware/ since they cannot climb smooth or polished surfaces. By day they hide beneath loose floor coverings, behind wallpaper, skirting boards, bath panels and other similar places.


The white or brownish eggs are usually carefully laid in crevices in foodstuffs or adjacent structures, but occasionally are dropped at random. The female lays up to 100 eggs in total, over a couple of months. The first stage nymph, relatively fatter than the adult, lacks silvery scales and the 3 tail bristles, but older nymphs resemble the mature insect more closely. Adulthood is reached at about the tenth moult, and this can take up to a year depending upon ambient conditions - temperature and humidity - and food supply.


Silverfish are seldom more than nuisances although they may, on occasion, reach unacceptable numbers. They are capable of damage by chewing papers and manuscripts (where they often feed on protein-rich gums and binding pastes) and fine textiles and leather. They may also invade packets of dried foods that have been stored in damp cupboards.



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