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The most serious damage arises where Grey Squirrels enter the roof spaces of houses and other buildings by climbing the walls or jumping from nearby trees. Once inside they chew woodwork and ceilings, strip the insulation from electrical wiring, chew water pipes, tear up fibreglass insulation to form a drey and sometimes drown in cold water storage tanks.


Activity inside houses not only causes concern as far as damage is concerned but also causes disturbance to sleep patterns and concerns about "attacks" on residents. Cases of grey squirrels attacking people are few, but occur. Most seem to relate to cases where the squirrels have been regularly fed and for some reason the feeding has stopped. As a consequence the squirrels subsequent attempts to attract attention may involve close contact with people who are in the vicinity rather than actual attacks.


In the garden they take fruit such as strawberries, apples and plums: raid the nests of small birds and dig holes in lawns to bury food. They frequently raid bird tables and nut feeders, an activity that is welcomed by some householders but causes extreme annoyance to others. If they succeed in chewing through the string holding nut feeders or coconuts these are carried off.


The major financial implications of grey squirrel activity relate to damage to forestry, woodlands and parks where they damage trees, particularly sycamore and beech, by stripping bark. This can often result in the weakening or death of leading shoots resulting in a misshapen tree.


Severe or even moderate levels of damage to trees in commercial woodlands can lead to the woodlands loss of commercial viability.


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