Pest Control Services

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Pest Control Services

Call 0845 468 2412


Adding more bite to your pest control


What ever the type of catering establishment you are pests can seriously if not permanently damage your business, failure to adhere to the various laws that now exist (Prevention of damage by pests act, Health and safety at work act, Control of substances hazardous to health regulations, The food safety regulations and The Food Safety act) can invoke huge penalties and cost, dependent on the offence committed, this can include: Fines of up £20,000 per offence - up to 2 years imprisonment - 2 years disqualification from catering - Loss of reputation and income - and Closure of premises.


We offer a free survey and inspection. Upon completion our technician will offer a route forward, to ensure your premises become or stay a pest free environment.

If you already have pest control in place, some questions to ask are:

Are the technicians trained (by and outside examining body, not internal training), competent to use the pesticides, whilst assessing the risk to your staff and customers and ensuring the correct application equipment is used?

Are the safety data sheets, approval information and site map all available?

Has the site been properly assessed to ensure the right methods and pesticides are being used in the most effective way?



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